Thrift Store + Beads = Fun Shoes Makeover


Summer is here! Pool, water parks and good times. It’s just the perfect occasion to wear funky shoes and have fun.

So I went to the thrift store and got this old sandals for $1.00! (I love when that happens)..


Then I went to my junk drawer, just to see what I had. It was hard to decide what materials to use, I have a lot of awesome junk, but one tube of very cheap acrylic paint, some beads and thread won the trip to my craft table to be used for a very honorable rescue mission: to recycle that old pair of shoes.


I used a very cheap acrylic paint, I kind of regret it, it was a lot of work to make the paint really come out smooth. In the past I had better results with Martha Stewart 32099 2-Ounce Acrylic Gloss Paint, Chamomille and a friend of mine told me that she used Jacquard Products Lumiere 3D Metallic Paint and Adhesive, 1-Ounce, Sun Yellow with perfect results.

Tassles are all over tight?…necklaces, dresses and of course shoes. I made those myself following this tutorial.

So, I spent around $3 dollars and the possibilities are endless!! This looks like repurposing old shoes is going to be my favorite summer hobby! funky


First pair of wedges

This week I decided to do an experiment. I found some old, nasty looking wedges and I decide to take them apart.


I tried to combine these soles with a new pair of shoes that I made with my pattern.


I like it! and I am totally thinking of wearing them!